Wednesday 21 February 2018

Lola Dutch is a Little Bit Much by Kenneth and Sarah Jane Wright (Bloomsbury Publishing)

Now here's a book we can REALLY relate to, after all nothing worth doing is worth doing by halves is it?
Meet Lola Dutch - the sassy main character in "Lola Dutch Is a Little Bit Much".

Here's a girl who embraces life with gusto and a unique joie de vivre. Lola and her little pals lead an amazingly palatial and luxurious life, having loads of fun and amazing times together.

But sometimes her friends wonder if...well, to put it bluntly, Lola isn't a bit much.

They don't just have dinner like normal folk. They have the most amazing banquets, and Lola pulls out all the stops to provide the most amazing gourmet feasts and food fit for a princess.

They don't just go out, they have the most amazing adventures. And when it comes to art, they're not going to just daub a bit of paint here and there, they're going to embark on the most amazing homages to classic artists (this was our favourite bit of the book by far!)

Oh Lola. Isn't it all a bit much?

No of course it isn't. This book's massively positive message is so true. In a world full of dismal greyness and bad news why not take life by the horns and throw absolutely everything into what you do! Love that message and Lola is the sort of book character that little girls (and boys) are truly going to love, and love being like.

"Lola Dutch is a Little Bit Much" by Kenneth and Sarah Jane Wright is out now, published by Bloomsbury (kindly supplied for review).