Monday, 5 February 2018

Poem perfection in "The Waggiest Tails" and "The Chicken on the Roof" - Out now from Otter-Barry Books.

Here are a couple of corkingly good new poetry books for children, kicking off with the neat idea of letting dogs write their own poetry.

In "The Waggiest Tails" you'll meet some very very good dogs, some very naughty dogs and many in between. 

From huskies, born to run, to those big bad bruisers, the security dogs. 

Meet Bruno, the smallest dog on the farm, and Charlie, the dancing chihuahua. 

Find rescue dogs, helping dogs, yappy dogs, happy dogs - and the dog with the waggiest tail!

All written from the dogs' point of view, by internationally acclaimed poets Brian Moses and Roger Stevens, this funny and perceptive canine collection will be treasured by dog-lovers of all ages.

"The Waggiest Tails" by Brian Moses, Roger Stevens and Ed Boxall is out now, published by Otter-Barry Books. 

Sticking with animal-based rhymes there's also the fantastic "The Chicken on the Roof" by Matt Goodfellow and Hanna Asen, also from Otter-Barry. 

There's a chicken there's a chicken there's a chicken on the roof!

The only way she's coming down is chicken parachute! 

Dance through deserts and crawl through caves. 

Discover a sorcerer's wand or a slice of lunar lemon.

Hide in the fur of an African goat, check for rain snakes and gobbling goblins - and look out for a chicken on the roof! 

This is a spellbinding collection from a poet whose high-energy performances delight children across the UK.

"Chicken on the Roof" by Matt Goodfellow and Hannah Asen is out now, published by Otter-Barry Books (both books kindly supplied for review).