Friday, 16 February 2018

ReadItDaddy's Picture Book of the Week - Week Ending 16th February 2018 - "Tiny Little Rocket" by David Fickling and Richard Collingridge (David Fickling Books)

There are so many artists and authors we always keep a very sharp eye on at all times when it comes to upcoming new releases...
We've followed the career of Richard Collingridge ever since we first started this blog. His christmassy book "When it Snows" is still one of those books we like to pull down from the shelves and just lose ourselves in, with so many incredible scenes and evocative storytelling to wrap ourselves around.

David Fickling though? Wait a second, this is the publisher right? The genius behind David Fickling Books, The Phoenix Comic? Well, did you know David's also a talented storyteller too?

Well now you do - his original poem was the source for "Tiny Little Rocket" and working with Richard they've come up with something of a mini science fiction classic, absolutely perfectly pitched for tinies who love all things space.

It's a dreamy book in so many ways, chronicling the journey beyond earth's atmosphere of a tiny little red rocket and an intrepid astronaut, for a quick whistle-stop tour round the milky way and beyond.

We love the book's opening scene...

The start of a stratospheric journey for an intrepid astronaut. "Tiny Little Rocket" by David Fickling and Richard Collingridge
(I had a real flashback moment to that Nintendo game "Pikmin" here for some reason!)

The gentle rhymes are perfect for tinies, and Richard's art is utterly stellar as usual (there's one particular spread you absolutely have to hunt out as the tiny little rocket makes its way back into the solar system and you see all the planets laid out across the full spread).

Something really special this, absolutely spectactular spacey stuff.

"Tiny Little Rocket" by David Fickling and Richard Collingridge is out now, published by David Fickling Books (kindly supplied for review).