Monday, 19 March 2018

Ash Dresses Her Friends by Fu Wenzheng (New Frontier Publishing)

Here's a delightful little tale of a happy-go-lucky little bird with an exceptional talent....Meet Ash!
in "Ash Dresses Her Friends" this adorable little bird leads a fairly lonely existence.

Ash loves to sew, and finds the key to friendship one day when an elephant comes along. Equally sad, the Elephant seems so downhearted until Ash comes up with a plan to cheer that Elephant up. She'll make something spectacular for the Elephant to wear, from a gorgeous scrap of material she has.

Soon the Elephant looks as stylish as a model, and Ash's reputation for sewing skills spreads far and wide, and lots of different creatures fetch up at her door to have something made.

Ash rather likes being the centre of attention for once, but soon it looks like her fabric will have run out. Will she be left on her own once again once she has nothing to make her wonderful creations from?

Her new friends may have other ideas...!

This is a beautiful, original and wonderfully nuanced tale from Fu Wenzheng, full of lovely little messages and of course a bold splash of colour in the fantastic illustrations.

Highly impressive stuff.

C's best bit: Outfits for squirrels? They have to be cool!

Daddy's favourite bit: A beautiful, original and wonderful tale of finding friendship and sharing with others.

"Ash Dresses Her Friends" by Fu Wenzheng is available now, published by New Frontier Publishing (kindly supplied for review).