Friday, March 2, 2018

ReadItDaddy's Chapter Book of the Week - Week Ending 2nd March 2018 - "The Secret Diary of Thomas Snoop, Tudor Boy Spy" by Philip Ardagh and Jamie Littler (Nosy Crow)

Our Chapter Book of the Week this week makes it 3 for 3 for this utterly brilliant history series from Philip Ardagh and Jamie Littler...
"The Secret Diary of Thomas Snoop, Tudor Boy Spy" once again dishes up a truly fascinating slice of history from one of our favourite eras, this time with a rather nosy but dastardly clever little fellow appropriately named Thomas Snoop.
Philip and Jamie mix fiction with history once again, striking the perfect balance between a thoroughly brilliant spy story and a ton of incredible facts and snippets of information about Tudor times (including some brill stuff on Tudor architecture, which is surprisingly more fascinating than it sounds, trust us on that one!)

Thomas is in training to become a sneaky surreptitious slinky spy. 

His first mission is for the mysterious Lord Severn, right-hand man to the Tudor king (you remember the fellah, obsessed with marriage and lopping off heads). 

Thomas must travel to the magnificent Goldenhilt Hall disguised as a lowly servant boy in order to uncover traitors plotting against the crown. 

It will take all Thomas's wits and cunning to uncover the traitors lurking at Goldenhilt Hall - and he must do so without being discovered himself. Can Thomas complete his mission before he's discovered nosing at keyholes, rifling through documents and generally getting up to no good?

It had C hooked from the word go, just as Philip and Jamie's previous books in this fantastic Nosy Crow / National Trust series did. 

We can't wait to see where these extremely talented guys take us next on our historical travels. Utterly fantastic!

"The Secret Diary of Thomas Snoop, Tudor Boy Spy" by Philip Ardagh and Jamie Littler is out now, published by Nosy Crow (kindly supplied for review).