Friday, 9 March 2018

ReadItDaddy's First Picture Book of the Week - Week Ending 9th March 2018 - "Peace Lily" by Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey (Strauss House Productions)

Our first Picture Book of the Week this week is a fitting tribute to the hard working women of both world wars who tended our sick and injured, often in perilous circumstances...
"Peace Lily" by Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey marks their fourth children's book touching on the subject of the First World War and the brave souls who fought and served in the conflict, this year marking the 100th anniversary of the official end of hostilities.

Women's roles in the war are being marked and honoured with the "WomensWork100" centenary partnership (which you can find out more about here) so once again Hilary and Martin have come up with a timely and sombre story based on real-life events that will help children understand, and more importantly remember the war and those we lost.

The role of a 1st World War nurse was often harrowing and dangerous - not just because they often worked in filthy conditions, sometimes under heavy gunfire and worked exceptionally long hours (much like our health professionals today, unfortunately) but because often they had to assume so many different roles as and when required.

Following on from their previous books on the subject, we meet Lily who follows childhood friends Ben and Ray onto the battlefield, to offer her services as nurse.

Her bravery and determination make her an amazing role model for children to look up to, as we see how the war unfolded for a field nurse, written from her perspective from her letters home.

I remember standing with C at our local Remembrance Sunday parade. We have always attended these as a family, and from a young age we've always told our daughter why we're there, why we pay our respects and why we should never ever forget those who fell, were lost to both world wars, and those who still give up their lives in conflicts around the world today.

Once again the voice, the atmosphere and the terrific illustrations in this book really make it stand out. A hugely important title, and one we'd recommend to anyone (particularly teachers who are covering WW1 in class this year).

C's best bit: Finding out about the hugely inspirational and incredibly brave souls who became field nurses, often in as much peril as the soldiers who fought on both sides.

Daddy's best bit: A hugely involving and emotional story, and a fitting addition to Hilary and Martin's fantastic books on the subject of the First World War, dovetailing beautifully with previous titles in the series. Definitely do not miss.

"Peace Lily" by Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey is out now, published by Strauss House Productions (kindly supplied for review).