Friday, 23 March 2018

ReadItDaddy's First Picture Book of the Week - Week Ending 23rd March 2018 - "How Does a Lighthouse Work?" by Roman Belyaev (B Small Publishing)

B Small Publishing once again strengthen their reputation for eye-catching and engaging non-fiction with a new series of titles translated from Russian, picking on some truly fascinating subjects...
"How Does a Lighthouse Work" by Roman Belyaev was a bit of a siren song for me. I always wanted to be a lighthouse keeper when I was a kid. There was something about the idea of living in a lighthouse, battered by waves and maintaining a light in the darkness to help steer boats off the rocks that just appealed to me on every level.

I think this is the first time that we've ever seen a book go into such exquisite detail on the subject of something that most of us now take for granted. Though most Lighthouses have switched over to automatic operation, there are still places where a lighthouse keeper will do the same job that has been carried out for generations.

In this book you'll learn all about the different types of land and sea-based lighthouses and warning systems to keep sailors and ships safe.

Gorgeous artwork is just part of what makes this book rather special
The book's approach is rather cool, gathering together a 'story' that puts together the sort of questions kids themselves would have about Lighthouses...

Why do we need lighthouses? All the answers are inside this fantastic book!
The vital role of these amazing structures is dealt with in fine detail, with plenty of historical information too - as lighthouses have been around almost as long as ships have, of course!

Easily one of our favourite spreads. What's inside a lighthouse? (Doesn't it look cosy in there!)
The translation is excellent, really thoroughly written and so gorgeously illustrated that you'll spend ages gazing in awe at the details in each spread, and be up to speed in no time on this fascinating subject.

If you've ever visited a lighthouse or heard a fog signal hooting in bad weather while at the seaside, you're really going to love this book. We truly can't wait to see the others in the range too (keep an eye on the blog for more news on those very soon!)

C's best bit: The awesome cutaway of a lighthouse showing all the various details and parts that go to make up these amazing structures

Daddy's favourite bit: A truly awesome piece of non-fiction on a subject we knew very little about, but now find absolutely fascinating. Another complete winner from B Small.

"How Does a Lighthouse Work?" by Roman Belyaev is out now, published by B Small Publishing (kindly supplied for review).