Friday, March 30, 2018

ReadItDaddy's Second Picture Book of the Week - Week Ending 30th March 2018 - "Myth Match: A Fantastical Flipbook of Extraordinary Beasts" by Good Wives and Warriors (Laurence King Publishing)

Oh yes! We do love a mythical creature or two, particularly when they're presented in a gorgeous book like this. Our second Picture Book of the Week this week is the fantastic "Myth Match" by Good Wives and Warriors.
As regular contributors to the awesome Art Challenge on Twitter #MythicalMashup we love learning about all the mythical creatures around the world.

In this new flip book you'll read all about some of the weirdest critters you've ever seen, from right across the globe in a lushly illustrated facts book that has a rather neat trick up its sleeve.

"10 points from Griffindor!"
At first, all seems normal, right? But you'll very quickly notice this book is divided in half and spiral bound which means...

What's a GrifGon? Whatever it wants to be, who's going to argue with those teeth and claws? can mix and match your favourite weird combination-creature from mythology. We really loved that the text also matches up, so you get a whole new description of your latest creation, with literally hundreds of combinations possible!

Simialla - Hard to pronounce, but beautiful to look at!
Hours of fun can be had using the book to learn all about mythical creatures, but even more fun can be had seeing just how weird you can make your mash-up creature from the various 'halves' inside this book.

Such a devilishly clever idea, and we loved it to bits!

"Myth Match: A Fantastical Flipbook of Extraordinary Beasts" by Good Wives and Warriors is out now, published by Laurence King Publishing (kindly supplied for review). 

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