Friday, 16 March 2018

ReadItDaddy's Third Book of the Week - Week Ending 16th March 2018 - "Colorama" by Cruschiform (Prestel Publishing)

We couldn't resist putting this in as our third Picture Book of the Week - I think it's high praise indeed that a book arrives in our reviews stack and is constantly grabbed, flicked through and referred to by C...
She is currently putting together a portfolio to chronicle her artistic abilities and she has extensively used "Colorama" by Cruschiform as a divine example of how to celebrate colour artistically.

It's an interesting concept, producing a 'colours' book for practically any age, in one gloriously hard-covered tome full of unique illustrations, colour descriptions and quite a good dose of humour.

"Colorama" really does offer up all the colours of the rainbow and far, far more, almost delighting in its own cleverness and descriptions of 'famous' colours like Ferrari Red and Midnight Blue, as well as colours that may never have occurred to you.

Arsenic. Don't mistake this for pistachio milkshake!
The book truly pushes all the right buttons for artistic and creative folk like us, but it's also a piece of art in its own right. The descriptions and illustrations really are quite something.

Jaw-dropping book this!

It really is quite something this, beautifully presented and destined to carry on being a huge part of C's artistic journey. Wow!

C's fave colour, a deep beetroot purple. Yum!

C's best bit: Being able to use this fantastic book as the basis of some of her portfolio work for school.

Daddy's favourite bit: This is jaw-droppingly fantastic, the sort of book you just want to share with everyone - celebrating colour in a truly glorious way. A real work of art!

"Colorama" by Cruschiform is out now, published by Prestel Publishing (kindly supplied for review).