Wednesday, 14 March 2018

"Star in the Jar" by Sam Hay and Sarah Massini (Egmont Publishing)

Here's a gorgeous and thought-provoking story for tinies that imparts a really valuable lesson about loving something enough to let it go, and let it be free...
"Star in the Jar" by Sam Hay and Sarah Massini is the story of a little boy who loves to collect little treasures every time he goes out.

One day he finds a very special star while out exploring.

He decides to place it in a jar, so he and his big sister can always enjoy its light, shining in the darkness.

But the star is sad. The star longs to be back home with all the other stars. Then one night the boy spies a message in the sky. "Missing, One Little Star" and so begins a race to try and return the tiny glowing star back to all its friends in the sky.

But can the boy do the right thing and let it go?

The message is beautifully delivered with so many special little moments in the story, gorgeously described by Sam and Sarah's fabulous text and illustrations.

Very special this one, a perfect bedtime tale.

C's best bit: All the various ways the little boy and his sister try to put the star back in the sky.

Daddy's favourite bit: A really important message about freedom, letting things go and doing the right thing - really beautiful book this. 

"Star in the Jar" by Sam Hay and Sarah Massini is out now, published by Egmont (kindly supplied for review).