Thursday 19 April 2018

ABC Mindful Me by Christiane Engel (Walter Foster Jr) @walterfosterjr

We're certainly seeing one particular trend surge to the fore this year...the subject of mindfulness in books for children and teens...
But what is mindfulness? How early can kids begin to appreciate mindfulness and its benefits in dealing with our increasingly stressful lifestyles?

The simple answer is that it's never too early and in "ABC Mindful Me" by Christiane Engel, the topic of Mindfulness is detailed in a selection of gorgeously illustrated and alphabetically listed words.

From Awareness to Zen, this book helpfully collects together common terms used in mindfulness, demonstrating them to little ones in a really cool and colourful way.

The illustrations are full of cool little characters, and kids having fun. A truly lovely little book to inspire and get you thinking more about mindfulness and living in the moment.

"ABC Mindful Me" by Christiane Engel is out now, published by Walter Foster Jr (kindly supplied for review).