Monday, April 9, 2018

"Grandmas from Mars" by Michelle Robinson and Fred Blunt (Bloomsbury Publishing)

The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one, they said...
...but they reckoned without a bunch of shapeshifting sneaky octogenarians in the fabulous "Grandmas from Mars" by Michelle Robinson and Fred Blunt.

This rollicking knockabout tale starts off with lots of grannies doing what grannies do best - looking after the kids while mum and dad take some much needed downtime (oh boy we would be so lost without C's sets of grandparents on both sides).

Grandmas are usually pretty strict, know their own mind and are full of good advice (like not picking your nose until your brains fall out) but something strange has happened to the town's grannies.

One has an extra eye. They all look decidedly green. There's an extra leg or two, and weirder still, they're letting everyone stay up way past their bedtime, eating whatever junk they like!

Fred and Nell want to get to the bottom of this bizarre mystery and soon discover an insidious alien plot. But how can a bunch of kids defeat a nefarious outer-space menace?

You will truly love the answer. Michelle and Fred are on top form here, this is going to make little ones giggle loads with a brill combination of smooth rhyming skills and awesomely funny illustrations.

Follow Arnie's advice - Get your 'mas to Mars!

(sorry, couldn't resist saying that at least once in a review somewhere).

C's best bit: Bogey picking boys, bannister sliding grandmas, this book has got the lot!

Daddy's favourite bit: Peerless rhymes, hilarious illustrations, a guaranteed winner for littlies!

"Grandmas from Mars" by Michelle Robinson and Fred Blunt is out now, published by Bloomsbury (kindly supplied for review)