Thursday, April 5, 2018

"Hello Hot Dog" by Lily Murray and Jarvis (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

Out today, and already making us hungry. Who's the coolest hot-dog in the bun?
It's not often we see children's books that are told purely in dialogue but that's definitely the case with "Hello Hot Dog" by Lily Murray and Jarvis.

A fun story that starts with a bit of a predicament for our titular character.

It might seem fun nestling into a lovely comfy bread roll but when someone suddenly covers you in mustard and ketchup, that can only mean one thing...


Of course, there's no escape when you've got no legs to run away with, no arms to pull yourself free. What can the poor hot dog possibly do to escape being eaten? Maybe a triple back flip?

(anyone who's been at a barbecue and tried to wrestle a wiener into a roll might identify with these slippery little fellows!)

A gigglesome book that invites tons of audience participation. Just be aware that it'll also make your tummy rumble.

C's fave hot-dog topping: Hot English mustard or even Wasabi! EEEK!

Daddy's fave hot dog topping: Definitely barbecue sauce and tons of onions. Parp!

"Hello Hot Dog" by Lily Murray and Jarvis is out today, published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).