Tuesday, 17 April 2018

"The Magic Garden" by Leminscates (Walter Foster Jr Publishing) @walterfosterjr

Most children will first encounter nature when they take their first faltering toddler steps out into the garden...
Here's a book that celebrates that, and in "The Magic Garden" by Leminscates, little ones will be really surprise at how much wildlife and amazing plant life they can find right outside their back door.

It's part story book, part non-fiction title as we're gently guided on a tour of what nature has to offer, with a series of stunning illustrations and simple text descriptions to help children get a better understanding of the world around them.

We love the illustrative spreads, full of gorgeous colours and shapes.

Kids always have lots of questions, and lots are answered on the subject of nature in this fab book (the real book doesn't have filler text like the above illustration, obviously!)
There are lots of little details to spot, perfect for honing your observation skills.

Glorious colourscapes and amazing creatures nestle in the trees. 
"The Magic Garden" by Leminscates is out now, published by Walter Foster Jr (Kindly supplied for review).