Monday 2 April 2018

Two fantastic new books to help you get to know our planet (and beyond). Life on Earth: Ocean and Life on Earth: Space by Heather Alexander and Andres Lozano (Wide Eyed Editions)

Here are two books from a superb new range from Wide Eyed Editions, specially designed to engage your little ones' curiosity...
The "Life on Earth" range by Heather Alexander and Andres Lozano are superbly attractive little books designed to pique your child's interest in a selection of awesome subjects.

Starting with "Life on Earth: Ocean", Heather and Andres take us on a fantastic journey under the sea.

Find out what makes the ocean so special and so fragile, and what animal and plant species make their home there.

The books are designed to gather together a set of 100 questions that busy little ones might ask about the ocean - and with over 70 flaps to lift, their inquisitive nature is fully engaged as they explore this amazing resource.

So much going on under the surface! Loads to find out for little ones!
There's also "Life on Earth: Space" for your budding astronauts...

Again with a similar format, you can find out more about how scientists on earth (and actually out in space too) can explore the cosmos with an amazing array of telescopes, radio signals and of course space vehicles.

What would life be like on other planets in the solar system? Find out tons of information with 100 questions and 70 flaps to lift in this awesome book.

(C really liked the fact that the happy astronaut on the cover looked a lot like Tim Peake - who is a bit of a hero of hers!)

"Life on Earth: Ocean" and "Life on Earth: Space" join the rest of the range with further titles about Dinosaurs and the Human Body following this brilliant format.

Both books are available now, published by Wide Eyed Editions (kindly supplied for review).