Thursday, May 3, 2018

"Atlas of Football" by Clive Gifford and Tracy Worrall (Egmont Publishing) @EgmontUK

You can expect a LOT of children's books on the subject of "The Beautiful Game" this year and Egmont are publishing a real corker...
I must admit that we're so 'off the radar' with Football that I hadn't even realised it was World Cup year.

Naturally that means that publishers will be pulling out all the stops, and artists & authors will be turning their attention to all things footie.

So we're delighted to find a book that cover the game in such a fascinating and interesting way that even we, as footie naysayers, were suitably impressed.

Clive Gifford and Tracy Worrall's "Atlas of Football" immediately caught our attention because - as regular ReadItDaddy readers will know - we're somewhat obsessed with Atlases.

We particularly love them when they synch up with another subject, and in this case the world of football really does cover the entire world.

So here's a fantastic opportunity to learn all about the countries and teams that will be taking part in the World Cup, both male and female teams (yesssss! Can't tell you how long we've waited to see a book that splits things right down the middle as far as male / female footie coverage goes. Nicely done, folks!)

Brazil - Can't have any sort of a football book without Brazil in it, I mean c'mon!
Beautifully presented with tons and tons of infographics and information, "Atlas of Football" is a fabulous encyclopaedia of footie that will completely immerse football fans young and old for ages and will certainly come in handy for those following the tournament closely.

Even Inuit tribes play football. Bet you didn't know that!
Stunning book this, absolutely top notch in content, presentation, art and design. A world-cup winner if ever we saw one.

C's best bit: Tons of amazing facts about each country's historical love of football.

Daddy's favourite bit: The perfect book for non-footy fans who love maps! Yes indeed, this is an amazing fact-filled and fun book even if you have no love for the sport itself. So much to discover and learn here.

"Atlas of Football" by Clive Gifford and Tracy Worral is out today (3rd May 2018), published by Egmont Publishing (kindly supplied for review).