Wednesday, May 9, 2018

"Dylan the Baker" by Guy Parker-Rees (Alison Green Books)

Hungry? Mouth watering? In dire need of CAKE? Well this book may have you suffering from all three by the end...let's meet Dylan!
"Dylan the Baker" is the fourth book in Guy Parker-Rees' superb series for tiddlers - this time aiming squarely at our sweet tooth with a delicious book about baking, cakes and sharing.

Dylan the exuberant stripy dog just loves to play.

Today Dylan is playing at being a baker.

He's promised to bake a cake for Jolly Otter's birthday - but will he be able to resist eating it?

Look out for Dylan's friend, Dotty Bug, on every page, as she encourages readers to join in with the story.

There's even an awesome cakey recipe at the back so join in with mum or dad and whip up a tasty treat for the weekend. 


"Dylan the Baker" by Guy Parker-Rees is out now, published by Alison Green Books.