Monday, 28 May 2018

"Prince George Goes to School" by Caryl Hart and Laura Ellen Anderson (Orchard Books)

Combine two of the finest talents in children's books and great things are bound to happen...just ask George!
"Prince George Goes to School" by Caryl Hart and Laura Ellen Anderson (two utter FAVES of ours on this here blog!) sees George (of previous potty-training fame) growing up fast, and ready to take on a new challenge.

George's Mum decides it's time for George to conquer a new realm. As George straps on his armour, reins in his trusty steed and prepares for a new adventure, Mum and Dad reveal his destination.


Big school!

EEK! It's time for George to show just how brave he can be as he's introduced to his new teacher and classmates.

Groovy Prince George. Love that crown, little fellah!
George first needs to learn that the "Throne" at the front of the class is definitely not for him...

Keith? Is that you? Don't pull his tail like that George, he might fart a rainbow!!
George also learns that sometimes even though you're a Prince, you must take it in turns to share the best toys with your new friends.

I think I'm more than a tiny bit in love with George's teacher. 
But George soon realises that one new special friend will always be there to help him through some of the more difficult aspects of being at new school. Beatrice might not be a princess but she's absolutely adorable and ready to show George how to make even more new friends.

This book is utterly and completely adorable (and once again we suspect that George's pet Corgi regularly steals every scene).

C's best bit: Keith the Unicorn turning up in a brilliant cameo. BONZA!

Daddy's favourite bit: We've seen so many 'big school' books about first days at school but this one is chock full of pitch perfect rhyming, gentle and funny storytelling and glorious art. It's a right royal treat in fact!

"Prince George Goes to School" by Caryl Hart and Laura Ellen Anderson is out now, published by Orchard Books (Kindly supplied for review, thanks Caryl you're a SUPERSTAR!)