Friday, May 4, 2018

ReadItDaddy's First Book of the Week - Week Ending 4th May 2018: "The Extraordinary Gardener" by Sam Boughton (Tate Publishing) @tate_kids

Here's a truly delightful Book of the Week that's the perfect fit for those of us taking a long hard look at our own gardens at the moment, wondering where to begin...
Meet Joe, the star of "The Extraordinary Gardener" by Sam Boughton. Joe is just an ordinary kid but has some grand dreams about turning the world into the most amazing and beautiful place.

Joe has an amazing imagination and one day while flicking through a book he sees something that changes his world for good - and makes him determined to change the world for others too.

Joe sets about trying to grow a plant from a tiny apple seed. As impatient kids (like C) will know, growing seeds seems to take FOREVER!

Little Joe loves to escape into his own imagination and daydreams in a grey, grey world. 
Joe initially loses interest - until the day a splash of green catches his eye in amongst his rather grey surroundings. The apple tree has finally started to flourish and it gives Joe grander ideas.

Sometimes the most beautiful things start off very very small...
Joe is determined to share his vision with others, and an idea pops into his head! Time to gather even more seeds and give them to his neighbours and friends!

Such beautiful spreads in this book! Prepare to be dazzled!
The story unfolds in the most beautiful way, just like a plant growing in fact. Joe soon begins to see his dream come to life in the most spectacular way - and this makes everyone else really happy too.

A truly beautiful book, reminded us a bit of "The Flower" but has tons of charm and beauty all of its own.

C's best bit: Joe's dreary grey block of flats is transformed by colourful flowers. A real wow moment.

Daddy's best bit: Such an awesome message. Get some seeds, get out in the garden and start growing your own amazing beautiful plants just like Joe!

"The Extraordinary Gardener" by Sam Boughton is out now, published by Tate Publishing (kindly supplied for review).