Thursday, 17 May 2018

Three temptingly tasty treats for tiddlers who love their books from Phaidon Publishing.

We've got three tempting treats for tiny tiddlers on the blog today, courtesy of Phaidon who kindly sent three awesome little books to us for review.

The first is "Rhyme Flies" by Antonia Pesenti, a fun book that allows little ones to play around with language and come up with some cracking rhymes all of their own.

This deceptively simple idea for a book offers up one surprising rhyme per spread revealed behind a dramatic gatefold flap. 

Little readers will delight in wagering guesses – rhyming, of course – before casting their eyes on the satisfying visual conclusion of the riddle. 

The list is subtly arched as a chronological day, from fresh orange GOOSE in the morning to TWEET dreams at night. Anything is possible in this beautifully packaged book of toddler comedy, which builds pre-literacy, vocabulary, and auditory skills, and encourages natural extensions outside of the book.

"Rhyme Flies" by Antonia Pesenti is out now, published by Phaidon. 

Next up is "Circle Rolls" by Barbara Kanninen and Serge Bloch. 

Again, here's loads of fun for tinies as they learn shapes and colours, and follow a simple story of how shapes interact with their environment. 

We know circle rolls but what does Rectangle do? Square? Diamond? Triangle?

When Circle rolls into one of Triangle's points and pops, chaos momentarily ensues until Octagon's "Stop!" brings everyone to their senses. 

An effortlessly rhyming text introduces us to a collection of shapes and subtly weaves their physical characteristics into traits that both lead to and solve a would-be catastrophe. 

Master illustrator Serge Bloch's shapes are accompanied by a chorus of miniature people who play along, creating the perfect complement to Barbara Kanninen's economy of words. 

All colours and shapes, all sizes and guises!
It's awesome fun for littlies!

"Circle Rolls" by Barbara Kanninen and Serge Bloch is out now, published by Phaidon. 

Next it's time for some maritime fun in "Boats are Busy" by Sara Gillingham. 

Take to the water in a selection of adorable little craft. 

From sailboats to ferry boats, tankers to clippers, young readers will learn to identify and define a range of floating craft. 

Each of 15 boats and ships are presented by name, illustration, and simple description, written as engaging, read-aloud text. 

n addition, each is adorned with a different nautical flag whose message is decoded as secondary text for the extra curious. 

Printed in four stunning Pantone colors, this refreshingly stylish and informative introduction to boats will pop off the shelf in the "things that go" section!

"Boats are Busy" by Sara Gillingham is out on 25th May 2018, published by Phaidon. 

(All books kindly supplied for review).