Thursday, June 7, 2018

"Oh me, Oh my, a Pie!" by Jan Fearnley (Nosy Crow)

We're absolutely all of a tizzy over this brilliant madcap story full of chases and hi-jinks...
Jan Fearnley's hilarious "Oh me, Oh My, A Pie!" starts out with a rather sweet old granny bear baking up the perfect pie for tea.

But poor Granny doesn't realise there's a nasty pie thief on the prowl. Fox takes a fancy to that gorgeous comestible and steals it away, the rotter!

His triumph doesn't last for long, as the caper continues he loses his pie to a wily mouse, who comes a cropper thanks to a canny cat, who can't hold onto the pie thanks to a snarling dog, who is then robbed by an owl biting off more than it can chew!

It's an utterly wonderful romp. Will Granny get the pie back at the end? Will anyone ever learn to share?

The rhymes trip off your tongue like a melty lemon meringue, the art is as perfect as the pastry on a cornish pasty. What a pie-tastic delight!

C's best bit: Granny is still kind, even though everyone else in the story is thoroughly rotten through and through.

Daddy's favourite bit: A glorious romp, just the sort of feelgood book that goes great with a lovely slice of cherry pie and ice cream.

"Oh me, Oh My, A Pie!" by Jan Fearnley is out now, published by Nosy Crow (kindly supplied for review).