Monday, 11 June 2018

"The Mushroom Fan Club" by Elise Gravel (Drawn and Quarterly)

Make room for the mushroom. Time to be a fun-gi (or gal)...
Oh you bet we'll be rolling out as many mushroomy puns as possible for "The Mushroom Fan Club" by Elise Gravel.

It's mycelium mayhem as we join Elise as she explores the science of some of nature s weirdest and wildest characters mushrooms!

Full of her trademark whimsical illustrations, the book is actually a really incredible and fascinating look at one of her family's most beloved pastimes: mushroom hunting!

Combining her love of exploring nature with her talent for anthropomorphizing everything, she takes us on a magical tour of the forest floor and examines a handful of her favorite alien specimens up close. 

While the beautiful coral mushroom looks like it belongs under the sea, the peculiar Lactarius indigo may be better suited for outer space. 

From the fun-to-stomp puffballs to the prince of the stinkers, the stinkhorn mushroom and the musically inclined chanterelles, Gravel shares her knowledge of this fascinating kingdom by bringing each species to life in full felt-tip-marker glory. 

She manages to cram so many different varieties into this handy hardback pocket-sized book that there's hardly mushroom for many more. 

Get yourself down to the book we mean store, and pick up a copy. It's fab!

C's favourite funghi: Big spotty red Fly Agarics. Don't eat these whatever you do!

Daddy's favourite funghi: Rather partial to a nice well-soaked Morel. Very more-ish!

"The Mushroom Fan Club" by Elise Gravel is out now, published by Drawn and Quarterly (kindly supplied for review).