Monday, July 2, 2018

"Help Find Frank" by Anne Bollman (Sterling)

Meet one of the happiest little doggos around - but first you'll have to find him!
It's almost impossible not to fall instantly in love with "Help Find Frank" by Anne Bollman.

Look at that winning smile! Look at that dapper polka-dotted bow tie!


Frank is adored by his owners, even though his toots really pong (never, ever feed Frank cheese, we beg you!)

Kids will embark on a mystery caper par excellence as Frank dashes off one day chasing the mail truck (Frank loves everyone - except the mailman for some reason! Aww, we love ours because he brings us such fantastic books!)

So it's off on a tour of the town to locate that missing pup.

Can you spot a doggy clue and find lots of other hidden things in your quest to find Frank?
This is part-story book, part 'hidden object' book, a winning combination as you trace Frank's whereabouts thanks to some helpful witnesses and a few doggy clues left behind at each scene.

Anne's story and art perfectly combine into a deliciously delightful dog tale that we just couldn't resist.

C's best bit: Needless to say, Frank's toots! PHEW!!!

Daddy's favourite bit: Such a brilliant combination of storytelling and observation with a completely winning charismatic doggy at its heart. Lovely stuff!

"Help Find Frank" by Anne Bollman is out now, published by Sterling Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).