Tuesday 31 July 2018

"Really Remarkable Reptiles" by Jake Williams (Pavilion Children's Books)

Given the chance, C would probably fill our house with snakes and lizards...
So Jake Williams' superb "Really Remarkable Reptiles" is an absolute go-to book for her at the moment.

All things slithery and scaly are celebrated in this book that examines each of the species we know, quite a few we don't - and explores their habitats, food preferences and amazing abilities.

As you journey through this book you will find out that reptiles are some of the most highly specialised and incredible animals in the world. 

They have adapted and evolved to live in the most extreme environments on earth as well as having some interesting tricks up their sleeves for catching prey and avoiding becoming it. 

All sort of strange and wonderful facts are inside, such as why crocodiles swallow stones, why a group of turtle eggs will hatch at the same time, and which is friend or which is foe of the similarly-looking coral and milk snakes. 

How did reptiles evolve? Where do they live? How many species are there? 

You'll learn about reptiles in soaking rainforests, blistering deserts, and more - and you can find out how you can help preserve these amazing habitats from the greatest danger to reptiles ever - climate change.

Sea Turtles like the Leatherback are some of the most well-travelled animals on the planet. 

Kids who were stunned watching the recent Planet Earth II footage of Iguanas avoiding snakes will really tune into this fact-filled and incredible book. It's really remarkable alright!

C absolutely loves Geckos. No pet ones though, please hon!
"Really Remarkable Reptiles" by Jake Williams is out now, published by Pavilion Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).