Tuesday, 7 August 2018

"10 Reasons to Love a Lion" by Catherine Barr and Hanako Clulow (Lincoln Children's Books)

It's time to find out more about one of the most amazing creatures to stalk the African tundra. The mighty lion!
"10 Reasons to Love a Lion" is the latest in a fantastic series of natural history books for early years kidlets, courtesy of Catherine Barr and Hanako Clulow.

We've learned about penguins, turtles and bears and so let's focus our attention on the King of the Jungle.

Lions are fascinating creatures, far more than oversized cats and you'll learn all about where they live, what they like to eat, and how they have such a strong sense of 'family' that you'll be intrigued to see just how sociable these mighty fearsome animals can actually be.

Once again this book is full of gorgeous younger-child-friendly illustrations that fit the intended age target of the text perfectly.

Magnificent manes. Well colour me jealous!
You'll also find out more about the other creatures who share a habitat with the lions.

Can you roar like a lion? Of course you can!
There are great little interactive bits too for younger kids to join in with, which makes these books perfect for forming classroom activities around in early years too.

Daddy lion, why so grumpy?
Who can resist seeing lion cubs at play?

A fabulous addition to the series from Catherine and Hanako

"10 Reasons to Love a Lion" by Catherine Barr and Hanako Clulow is out now, published by Lincoln Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).