Thursday, 2 August 2018

"A Kid in my Class" by Rachel Rooney and Chris Riddell (Otter-Barry Books)

This one sneaked under our radar but is released today, and if there's one thing we love it's a poetry book kids can really identify with...
Virtually every child of school age will know someone like the kids in "A Kid In My Class" by Rachel Rooney and Chris Riddell.

There's the class joker, the kid who can never resist messing around or playing tricks on other pupils.

There's the quiet bookish kid, happy to spend hours reading (I guess that'd be us when we were kids).

There's the cool kid, the one who thinks he's it, and doesn't mind letting everyone else know it too.

Through Rachel's absolutely glorious verse and Chris's amazing inky drawings, these kids are brought to life and will instantly feel familiar to most of us. A diverse cast of children who all have one thing in common, that amazing child-like imagination that's touched on with every poem as they imagine themselves as cool as a polar bear or as scientifically perfect as a mega robot.

Gorgeous end-papers gathering together the amazing characters you'll find in Rachel's amazing poems
If there's one thing that's guaranteed to get kids into poetry, it's having a sense of being able to identify with the subject matter, and with school being such a huge part of their lives, every single child that picks up this book will definitely be nodding along, agreeing with the sentiments expressed in those devilishly clever rhymes.

Really rather special this!

"A Kid in my Class" by Rachel Rooney and Chris Riddell is out today, published by Otter-Barry Books (kindly supplied for review).