Wednesday 22 August 2018

"Can you see a Little Bear?" by James Mayhew and Jackie Morris (Otter-Barry Books)

A gorgeous sumptuous luxurious story book that's perfect for settling down with before bedtime, well how could we possibly resist?
Blog favourites James Mayhew and Jackie Morris have collaborated on a truly awesome book that's perfect for fidgety little ones who can't quite get to sleep at night.

"Can You See A Little Bear?" lets children join in with the story of finding Little Bear in this glorious observational book chock full of glorious artistic flourishes and details.

Bear is very sneaky and manages to hide himself in various different scenes as the story unfolds around early years concepts of colours, shapes and of course animals.

The text is lovely to read out loud, complimenting the amazing artwork as we find cheeky little bear hiding while trying on a hat, standing on his head or floating high in the sky in a hot air balloon.

We love how the story leads towards a nice settled bedtime for that busy little scamp.

Truly lovely book this!

"Can you see a Little Bear?" by James Mayhew and Jackie Morris is out now, published by Otter-Barry Books (kindly supplied for review).