Tuesday 14 August 2018

"Dinosaur Bingo" by Caroline Selmes (Laurence King Publishing)

LKP are just about saving our sanity this summer with a truly awesome selection of August releases to keep kids busy during the long vacation...
Case in point, Caroline Selmes' fantastic "Dinosaur Bingo" - a fab dino-flavoured version of the classic game for 2 players or more.

Kids love dinosaurs, but do you know your Plateosaurus from your Brachiosaurus? Your Archaeopteryx from your Lambeosaurus?

Once you've had a few rounds of this awesome Bingo game you'll become a dino expert.

The kit comes with all the cards, playing chips, a cool cardboard dino head box to store them in and loads of fabulous illustrations of just about any dinosaur you can think of (and loads you may not have ever heard of before).

"Dinosaur Bingo" by Caroline Selmes is available now, published by Laurence King Publishing (kindly supplied for review).