Tuesday, 21 August 2018

EtchArt: Forgotten Jungle by Dinara Mirtalipova, A.J Wood and Mike Jolley (Wide Eyed Editions)

Got an art itch that you need to scratch? In the long summer holidays we find that happens a lot...!
Thankfully even if you don't quite have the most amazing artistic skills you can still create some truly beautiful works of art with the Wide Eyed Editions "EtchArt" series from Dinara Mirtalipova, A.J Wood and Mike Jolley.

These books have been brilliant for soaking up some of the long summer holidays in the past, great for kids to tuck into their bag when off to kids club or grandparents or just kicking around at home at the weekends.

The theme for the latest book is "Forgotten Jungle" with more of Dinara's amazingly intricate designs ready to be partially - or fully - revealed with a wooden stylus.

Kids absolutely love the ease with which they can create stunning designs, and C found these really great to use when spending a day at Nanny's house recently.

"EtchArt: Forgotten Jungle" and "EtchArt: Secret Sea" are the two new additions, available now from Wide Eyed Editions (kindly supplied for review).