Monday 13 August 2018

"Little Owl's Big Day" by Debi Gliori and Alison Brown (Bloomsbury Children's Books)

It's early August, and I'm sure for a lot of kids the thought of school is a million miles away...
But once again it's the time of year when a lot of little ones may be making the transition between Nursery and "Big School" so here's a fabulous little tale from two immensely talented ladies that may help with some of those pre-school anxieties.

"Little Owl's First Day" introduces an adorable little chap who is gearing up for his big day. Only Little Owl would rather prefer a very small day, staying at home, playing and doing all the things kids love to do.

There's a bit of umming and ahhing but eventually Little Owl toddles off to school for his very first day. 

School is so COOL!

Owl gets to build a rocket, learns to fly and even makes a tiny new friend.

Maybe big days spent with friends can be lots of fun after all!

From the bestselling creators of Little Owl's Egg comes another gentle and comforting story about the lovable Little Owl. Perfect for any little one starting nursery or school.

Debi Gliori's restful and simple text couples with Alison Brown's fab illustrations for a treat of a book. 

"Little Owl's First Day" by Debi Gliori and Alison Brown is out now, published by Bloomsbury (kindly supplied for review).