Thursday, August 9, 2018

"Midnight Monsters: A Pop Up Shadow Search" by Helen Friel (Laurence King Publishing)

Here's a hidden object book with a difference. Your choice of weapon to reveal mysterious monsters is...a torch!
We love books that bridge the gap between storytelling and interactivity in cool and clever ways, and Helen Friel's awesome "Midnight Monsters" is really our cup of tea.

Described as a "Pop Up Shadow Search" it's a book that needs two things.

1) a nice big wall space to project onto

2) A torch (the more powerful the better)

So for sneaky little mims who love reading under the bedcovers at night, those two things aren't a problem at all - and C was immersed in this one for ages, as each pop-up book scene looks like nothing on initial inspection, but brings to life all sorts of mythical monsters and creatures the moment you shine a torch at the book and through to your favourite wall space.

It's such a brilliant idea. In fact the last time I saw her playing with this book, it became apparent that C was trying to work out a (safe) way to project certain pages permanently on her wall from her night-light, which seemed like a really great use of the book.

"Midnight Monsters" by Helen Friel is out now, published by Laurence King Publishing (kindly supplied for review).