Friday 17 August 2018

ReadItDaddy's Picture Book of the Week - Week Ending 17th August 2018: "Dogs in Space: The Amazing True Story of Belka and Strelka" by Vix Southgate and Iris Deppe (Wren and Rook)

We've already seen a children's book all about Laika (well, several actually) but this week's Picture Book of the Week sings the praises of two more doggy space heroes
"Dogs in Space: The Amazing True Story of Belka and Strelka" by Vix Southgate and Iris Deppe is indeed an incredible true story of how two strays were picked up on the streets of Moscow and ended up signed up to the Russian Space Programme.

Back when space travel was in its infancy, and the race was on to put the first human into orbit around our planet, the real challenge was to bring that human back alive.

So began a series of launches involving animals, particularly dogs in Russia - who could be readily trained to undergo the stressful journey into space and back.

Belka and Strelka were subjected to all manner of scientific tests and experiments, and this picture book documents their amazing lives.

Wow! Space dogs but definitely GOOOOD Dogs
The aim was to fire the two dogs into orbit aboard a massive rocket. With their temperament and ability to stay calm, Belka and Strelka were ideal candidates for this extremely dangerous experiment.

Belka and Strelka even had their own special doggo space suits. How cool was that!
Astonishingly, the mission was a complete success and Belka and Strelka soon became famous throughout the world, particularly in Russia where the dogs went on a victory tour.

Such famous doggies!
It's still astonishing to read the real life stories of these dogs (and this book is the perfect launch point for learning all about both the Russian and American space programmes for kids who love all things space-going).

Such a brilliant book, we absolutely loved this one.

C's best bit: Belka and Strelka's amazing mission and successful return to earth.

Daddy's favourite bit: We do love space books and this one in particular covers a piece of space history that not many kids may know about in such a thought provoking and attractive way. Congratulations to Vix and Iris for a fab book!

"Dogs in Space" by Vix Southgate and Iris Deppe is out now, published by Wren and Rook (kindly supplied for review).