Friday, August 10, 2018

ReadItDaddy's Second Book of the Week - Week Ending 10th August 2018: "I Hate Everyone" by Naomi Danis and Cinta Arribas (Pow! Publishing)

Oh my, how could we possibly resist the charms of this week's second picture book of the week...
Audi and BMW drivers. People who cycle along the middle of the road at 2 mph despite there being a cycle lane right next to them. People who love the sound of their own voice and talk really loudly when you've got all your windows open and are trying to get to sleep. Ciggy smokers who puff away outside your house in hot weather when you've got all your windows open and are trying to get to sleep (sorry, really can't stand that stink). People who haven't switched it off and on again...

As you get older, the list of people you dislike grows and grows but in the gorgeously well-observed "I Hate Everyone" by genius team Naomi Danis and Cinta Arribas, a grumpy little girl is the focus for a set of beautifully realised and hilarious spreads.

It's her birthday you see, and normally little girls are overjoyed when it's their birthday and everyone's joined in and are having fun at your birthday - but not this grumpy little miss.

She hates everyone and is determined to be a complete sour puss.

With her little toy rabbit she casts her cloud of irritation and consternation on the party goers, and even her younger sibling. Well, who likes their younger sibs! I mean COME ON!

Such a fantastically well observed capture of kids when they get in moods like this. Look at that baby's little face though! Awwww!
She doesn't want to share and is determined to maintain her mood - but slowly, and surely, her bad mood does eventually fade (we think this has something to do with their being Cheesy Wotsits at the party, I mean no one can stay grumpy when they've got bright orange fingers, right?)

Awww, that's more like it!
Every illustration and snippet of text is just too, too fabulous to read out loud in that slightly weather-worn grumpy voice that kids take on when they're tired, fractious and fed up.

Utterly perfect bookage, we love it to bits, no hate here!

C's best bit: She just loves the grumpy central character in this, just so brilliantly well observed.

Daddy's favourite bit: You can't help but smile at a book that so perfectly captures childhood nadgeriness in all its glory.

"I Hate Everyone" by Naomi Danis and Cinta Arribas is out now, published by Pow! Publishing (kindly supplied for review).