Tuesday, 28 August 2018

"Valdemar's Peas" by Maria Jonsson (Gecko Press)

What is it about kids and peas? If ever there was a veggie villain prevalent through kid's books it's the humble pea...
The wolfish little boy in "Valdemar's Peas" doesn't like them either.

Valdemar and his little sister sit down to dinner with Dad.

Dad serves up Valdemar's favourite - fish fingers, but like all good parents Dad can't resist shoving some veg onto the plate as well - in the form of Valdemar's least favourite food.



While Valdemar's little sister finishes her food up very quickly, Valdemar won't get a chocolate lolly until he's cleared his plate - so the sneaky and sly little wolf comes up with a brilliant idea - and he might just enlist little sister's help for this plan.

It's a rather charming little book this, and perfect for parents who have their own fussy eaters at home. Though as C pointed out, Valdemar really shouldn't have been allowed that lolly - and his manners are pretty shocking regardless!

"Valdemar's Peas" by Maria Jonsson is out now, published by Gecko Press (kindly supplied for review).