Thursday, August 2, 2018

"What on Earth? Robots!" by Jenny Fretland Vanvoorst and Paulina Morgan (QED Publishing)

Quarto's fantastic non-fic range gains a new mechanical companion in the latest fab book in the "What on Earth?" range...
"What on Earth? Robots!" sounds like something you'd shout just before mechanized terrors take over your home planet but did you know that Robots are all around us right now? In fact "What on Earth?" is possibly the wrong thing to say because we even have robots out in space doing dangerous things and exploring other worlds.

In this fantastic new book from Jenny Fretland Vanvoorst and Paulina Morgan you'll take a highly illustrated journey through the world of robots, and also be able to take part in some brilliant and fun makes and activities based around our robotic chums.

See how industrial robots help factories become more efficient, taking on mundane repetitive tasks that would drive a human crazy.

Learn all about the Mars Rovers and how they are helping us explore the dangerous and inhospitable red planet, sending back images to earth of an amazing world millions of miles from our own.

See how robots are even making their way into our homes, with robotic vacuum cleaners hoovering up our little messes and freeing us up to do more important things - like reading books!

It's a brilliant exploration of all things mechanized and roboticized, definitely one for fans of R2-D2 and the like.

C's favourite Robot: EVE from Wall-E

Daddy's favourite Robot: Robby the Robot from "Forbidden Planet"

"What on Earth? Robots!" by Jenny Fretland Vanvoorst and Paulina Morgan is available now, published by QED (kindly supplied for review).