Wednesday, August 8, 2018

"Who Owns These Bones" by Henri Cap, Raphael Martin and Renaud Vigourt (Laurence King Publishing)

There's something weirdly fascinating about skeletons (and skulls in particular) and I've always been completely mesmerised by them...
We're very lucky enough to live near a lot of green spaces and from time to time we find bones and skulls on our woodland walks.

In "Who Owns These Bones?" by Henri Cap, Raphael Martin and Renaud Vigourt children can learn all about different skeletons covering a massively diverse set of lifeforms and showing kids just what lies beneath our skin and muscles.

From the largest elephant to the smallest mouse, each animal is different, and that goes for their bones, too!

In this truly fascinating title you'll find a whole host of amazing skeletons and learn about what makes each one unique. 

Learn how to tell a gorilla from a human, to how to recognize a turtle just from its skull.

It gets even better for C as this is a lift the flap book. Lift the flaps to discover each skeleton's animal owner, and find out amazing anatomy facts along the way! 

It's a really amazing book for children who are interested in biology and anatomy, and for us it was also really useful to see the underlying structure of animals that we quite often draw - to help our art skills in depicting various animals accurately (an unexpected bonus for sure!)

Brilliant book, and highly recommended. 

C's favourite skull: The tiniest of rodents have the most amazing skulls, according to her. 
Daddy's favourite skull: I love elephant skulls, they're incredible to look at (and even more incredible to draw).

"Who Owns These Bones?" by Henri Cap, Raphael Martin and Renaud Vigourt is out now, published by Laurence King Publishing (kindly supplied for review).