Wednesday, 12 September 2018

"Voyage Through Space" by Katy Flint and Cornelia Li (Wide Eyed Editions)

Space books are definitely firmly back on our agenda - as are brilliant non-fiction books...
With an exciting trip to Kennedy Space Centre planned for next year we're all over just about everything we can get our hand on to do with space exploration. So it's quite timely to find "Voyage Through Space" by Katy Flint and Cornelia Li dropping through our letterbox.

Taking us on a stunning journey around our solar system, with special emphasis on exploring the Sun itself (which will be the subject of a fantastic mission by the Parker Solar Probe launching to rendezvous with our friendly neighbourhood gas giant sometime in 2024 - wow!) this book will give kids a fantastic introduction to exploring space.

It pulls off another neat trick for kids like C who love reading their books under the bedclothes at night.

Yes indeed, this book glows in the dark in key spreads and pages - how cool is that?

Destination Venus!

With informative text, gorgeous and characterful illustrations and - as we've come to expect from Wide Eyed Editions - absolutely faultless presentation, this is one for mini astro-nuts everywhere.

Hey there Jupiter! How's your eye?

"Voyage Through Space" by Katy Flint and Cornelia Li is out now, published by Wide Eyed Editions (kindly supplied for review).