Tuesday, 16 October 2018

"A Book of Bears: At Home With Bears Around the World" by Katie Viggers (Laurence King Publishing)

Meet the bears. Meet ALL the bears from around the world in this cute, cuddly and thoroughly hilarious book...
Brown bears, black bears, polar bears, panda bears!

In "A Book of Bears" by Katie Viggers, there's a truly brilliant and humorous look at the lives and habitats, fave foods and crazy antics of lots of different bear species from around the world.

Learn all about the eight different bears of the world, their likes, their homes, and more. 

Who is the best climber and who is the fastest at catching fish?

This is an interesting approach for a non-fiction book. Not only fun to read because of all the amazing nuggets of information about bears, but such quirky fun because of Katie's expert way of presenting the bears getting up to all sorts of capers as we learn more about them. 

Absolutely bear-illiant (you knew we were going to say that, right?)

C's favourite bear: The Spectacled Bear. 

Daddy's favourite bear: Definitely the Brown Bear, such expressive eyes!

"A Book of Bears" by Katie Viggers is out now, published by Laurence King Publishing (kindly supplied for review).