Monday 8 October 2018

"Sign Here" by Gabrielle Djanogly and Adele Mildred (Prestel)

Well, this is certainly one of the most refreshingly original books we've seen in a very long time...and you can have our signature on that!
For all those adults who have moaned and groaned every time they've had to fill out yet another boring and annoying form, "Sign Here" is like the total opposite - a book full of forms specially tailored for inquisitive and imaginative kids to fill in.

Working even better if you've got a group of friends to work through these with, the book invites you to fill in forms to apply for dreams, perhaps apply for a pet, nominate a best friend or demand more pocket money (fat chance, Princess C!)

Shot through with the most devilish sense of humour from Gabrielle, and gorgeously illustrated by Adele, this is such a funny book that we had a lot of laughs and giggles filling in each form.

So what sort of thing can you expect?

Celebrate happy with the United States of Emotions
We loved the positive spin of most of these forms, guaranteed to slap a smile on your face.

Can you keep a secret? Better sign here then!
Oh and my own personal favourite...

Perhaps I won't put that bit down about Ellie Harrison just in case you know who is reading!
It's a brilliant idea, gloriously presented. We guarantee that in amongst the 22 forms in this book you'll find the perfect one for your own tastes.

C's best form: Asking for a pet, of course!

Daddy's favourite form: The Dream Request Form.

"Sign Here" by Gabrielle Djanogly and Adele Mildred is out now, published by Prestel Publishing (kindly supplied for review).