Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Brush up your language skills with innovative publisher B Small and their fantastic "Hello French!" series of titles.

Learning other languages is now such a huge part of C's learning journey at school that we love any opportunity to also bring that work home.

For me it gives me a valuable chance to brush up my own (quite frankly terrible) French skills with the brilliant new "Hello French" series of titles from B Small Publishing.

They've kindly sent us a selection of books from their new range, so we'll dip into our book bag and take a look at a few of them.

First is the fabulous "French English Picture Dictionary" by Sam Hutchinson, Marie-Therese Bougard and Kim Hankinson.

This visual dictionary covers words in a selection of categories, with over 350 essential French vocabulary words to tickle your tonsils with, and brilliant tips on how to pronounce each word phonetically.

It's a great mix of words and illustrations, perfect for little ones who are just starting to learn French (or 10 year olds like C who just want to learn a whole set of new words for things).

Then there's "A Beginner's Guide to French" again by Sam, Marie-Therese and Kim - this time ramping up the language skills to the next level with an essential guide to forming phrases and sentences, and having fun while you do so.

This is the perfect book to accompany school starters as they learn French. 

Each expertly designed section encourages enthusiasm, builds confidence and gives young learners the basic French skills they will need as they grow. 

Learning through clear, fun and familiar examples will spark a lifelong passion for French, and it'll certainly help us decode some of those tricky but gorgeous French comics and graphic novels we love so much. 

Last but not least more fun in the next title...

"Colour In French" lets your creative side loose with lots of French-inspired scenes to break out your favourite crayons, pencils and colouring pens for - learning essential words along with the artistic and creative fun. 

This is a great little book for younger children who will learn through play, and hopefully still use the book as a handy little reference once they've finished adding their own colours and designs to it. 

You can find out more about B Small's intuitive and wonderfully designed language ranges, covering French, English, Spanish and even Welsh over on their website: 

(All books kindly supplied for review)