Friday, 30 November 2018

ReadItDaddy's Chapter Book of the Week - Week Ending 30th November 2018: "The Adventures of Catvinkle" by Elliot Perlman and Laura Stitzel (Pushkin Children's Books)

Our Chapter Book of the Week is more than your average animal yarn. Meet a cat who knows how to cut a dash...!
"Catvinkle" by Elliot Perlman (with characterful cover and illustrations by Laura Stitzel) proves once again that Pushkin Press have an eye for publishing books that are blisteringly original, and thoroughly entertaining too.

We were instantly drawn to the main character Catvinkle. 

We love stories about cats, and Catvinkle is a particularly sleek and self-satisfied housecat whose hobbies include baby-shoe dancing and snoozing (but mainly snoozing). 

In complete contrast, there's Ula - who is a damp and down-at-heel dalmation whose owners have abandoned her. Ula lives from paw to mouth, and seems completely in awe of her new (and very unlikely) best friend. 

Together they make an odd couple, but Catvinkle can't resist Ula's doggy pong for some reason. So their bond becomes stronger. 

 But trouble is on the horizon in the shape of Catvinkle's nemesis, Twinkiepaws. Twinkiepaws is determined to cause as much mayhem as possible, driving a wedge between the two friends just for kicks. 

Who's the cool cat in the shades? Everyone wants to find out!
Twinkie paws hasn't reckoned with one small detail completely missed. Catvinkle isn't just an ordinary everyday household cat after all. Catvinkle has a secret superpower. The power of flight!

Filled with the most amazing (and in some cases downright crazy) dog and cat characters you'll find outside The Aristocats, this is brilliant writing for younger readers from Elliot, with more than a few tongue in cheek moments poking fun at the great and good (which we of course love to bits). 

You'll believe a cat can fly!
Awesome, original and a brilliant read!

"The Adventures of Catvinkle" by Elliot Perlman and Laura Stitzel is out now, published by Puskin Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).