Wednesday, November 7, 2018

"When the whales Walked" by Dougal Dixon and Hannah Bailey (Words and Pictures)

Here's a truly splendid non-fiction title that demonstrates how various animals evolved from their ancient counterparts...
"When the Wales Walked" by Dougal Dixon and Hannah Bailey is the sort of book we are instantly drawn to, tackling a familiar subject but with an entirely new angle on things.

Most books will tell you about how animals live today. Where they live, what they eat - but precious few delve back into the mists of time to show you how those animals originated, and how they evolved through generation after generation to become the creatures we're more familiar with.

For example, the humble crocodile was once warm-blooded, snakes once had legs and made burrows, and even the mighty whale was once a land-crawling creature who took to the seas.

Even humans have changed, climbing down from the trees (well, some of us anyway) to become the most pervasive and successful species on the planet.

For kids who are interested in natural history, and love to know more about evolution, this is a fabulous read.

"When the Wales Walked" by Dougal Dixon and Hannah Bailey is out now, published by Words and Pictures (kindly supplied for review).