Monday, 10 December 2018

Booky Advent Calendar Extra Bits! A bumper collection of glorious books for your little christmas elves, courtesy of Usborne Publishing @usborne

It's not quite the night before Christmas, but all through the house, special festive books are stirring, this one has a mouse!

We're looking at a bumper selection of absolutely GORGEOUS books from Usborne Publishing today, and they know a thing or two about producing brilliant books for tiny tots.

We have always loved the "That's not my" book series, and there are lots and lots of special festive ones, including "That's not my Snowman (His Hat is Too Soft!)".

The Usborne "Touchy Feely" range is the perfect entry point for your own little readers, who will really enjoy the brilliant colourful illustrations and the various textures worked into each of the illustrations (and of course they'll love spotting that mischievous little mouse in each page spread too.

There's also a newcomer to this awesome range...!

"That's not my Angel" is another festive classic in the making, again with a really nice sturdy and resilient board book format, and lovely textures perfect for curious little ones.

Simple text, clear illustrations and loads of festive fun in each of Usborne's great little range and they're also the perfect size for Christmas Stockings, so pick up a couple to tuck in amongst the satsumas (and lumps of coal if your little ones are on the naughty list!)

"That's Not My Snowman" and "That's Not My Angel" by Fiona Watt and Rachel Wells are both out now, published by Usborne. 

If your children are slightly older, and still haven't "Let it Go" then they might love this next christmassy snowy book, particularly if they love getting creative with stickers.

The "Little Sticker Dolly Dressing range is perfect for smaller hands, little mini versions of the larger "Sticker Dolly Dressing" range with tons and tons of festive dresses and beautiful wintry colours to apply to the page designs within.

"Little Sticker Dolly Dressing Snow Princess" will definitely appeal to kids who are still completely in love with Disney's "Frozen" with lots of beautiful snowy scenes and colourful stickers to complete a wonderful story.

There's also "Little Sticker Dolly Dressing" books themed on many popular fairy tales, so children are bound to find a particular favourite.

Guaranteed to keep your little ones busy (and blissfully quiet) for a couple of hours while you baste your nut loaf and scrub up your roast spuds, check out the "Little Sticker Dolly Dressing" range by Fiona Watt and Antonia Miller, published by Usborne. 

Kids love getting messy, and this next title lets them get creative with just their fingers and thumbs...

"Fingerprint Activities: Christmas" lets your little ones get artistic with a beautiful set of festive colours on a special inkpad accompanying this book.

Create lots and lots of festive scenes with some great ideas for each christmassy scene. From snowmen to christmas trees, fat cheeky robins and of course lots and lots of presents.

(Keep the wet wipes ready before your little darlings get inky prints all over their best festive clothes though!)

"Fingerprint Activities: Christmas" by Fiona Watt and Candice Whatmore is out now, published by Usborne. 

More festive sticker fun now, with Usborne's brilliant range of "Little First Stickers" books, with a special Christmas edition featuring over 300 easy-to-stick reusable stickers to create the most adorable elf-filled snowy scenes.

With good quality die-cut stickers perfect for little hands, this is another winning range from Usborne designed for kids who are just beginning to explore their own creativity with their first sticker books.

Even busy 10 year olds can have fun with this one (right, C?)

Check out "Little First Stickers: Christmas" by Kirsteen Robson and Stella Baggott, available now from Usborne. 

Phew! Is there any more room in our bumper Usborne book bag for more? Dive down to the bottom of the sack for the last set of books - a glorious die-cut set of board books for the very youngest readers.

Usborne's "Peep Inside a Fairy Tale" series has lots of festive titles including the very timely release of a truly gorgeous version of one of our very favourite festive-themed fairy stories ever, "The Nutcracker".

One magical Christmas night, a little girl's Nutcracker doll comes to life! 

Peep through the pages to follow their adventures in this enchanting book, with delicate cutaways, flaps to lift and stunning illustrations from Karl James Mountford. 

A beautiful way to introduce children to the classic fairytale.

Also in the range are "Snow White" and "The Snow Queen" to complete a truly gorgeous range of books with special cutaways and beautiful illustrations complimenting the stories. 

"Peep Inside a Fairy Tale - The Nutcracker" by Anna Milbourne and Karl James Mountford is out now, published by Usborne. 

A truly superb collection of christmas books for your little ones, do pop along to the Usborne Website to find even more festive booky treats. 

(All titles kindly supplied for review).