Monday, 28 January 2019

Find out about fascinating wildlife with the "Secret Life" animal series by Laurence Pringle and Kate Garchinsky (Boyd Press)

We do love awesome wildlife books that show a little bit of what the secret lives of animals might be like.

In "The Secret Life of the Red Fox" by Laurence Pringle and Kate Garchinsky, you'll find out all about these elusive, nocturnal and extremely intelligent creatures - that quite often roam our streets at night, piercing the darkness with their plaintive cries and shrieks.

Laurence and Kate bring their subject to life with simple descriptions and glorious painted illustrations for a wildlife book with a real difference, almost storifying the lives of Foxes in a completely immersive and fascinating way.

If foxes aren't really your thing though, perhaps take to the air with another fascinating nocturnal creature...

"The Secret Life of the Little Brown Bat" again by Laurence and Kate takes a deep delve into this amazing creature's life, habitats, favourite foodstuffs and amazing prowess at catching insects even in total darkness.

Bats are incredible and fascinating creatures, and this book once again uses simple (but not dumbed down) text with gorgeous illustrations in a book suitable for children just beginning to want non-fiction titles for reference or just to read for pleasure.

"The Secret Life of the Red Fox" and "The Secret Life of the Little Brown Bat" are both out now, published by Boyd Press (kindly supplied for review).