Tuesday, 29 January 2019

"Grizzly Boy" by Barbara Davis-Pyles and Tracy Subisak (Sasquatch Books)

What do you do when you wake up one morning, and you just can't be bothered to 'human' ?

That's what happens to one little lad in "Grizzly Boy" by Barbara Davis-Pyles and Tracy Subisak.

Theo is the lad in question, deciding to shun his human traits to become a GRIZZLY!

Alas, Grizzly Boys still have to go to school. Grizzly Boys don't get to eat sugary cereal, and yep they even have to obey all the rules too - whether or not they think scratching their bums with the bed-post is acceptable once you decide on their new Grizzly status.

A fun and entertaining romp this, with lots of clever shadow-play in the illustrations underpinning a highly amusing story of getting out of bed on the furry fuzzy side.

Will Theo change his ways? Or will being a Grizzly be too much fun to want to change back?

Scratchy paws, big yawning mouth, sounds familiar!
Really love the illustrations in this, with lots of grizzly / forest-ey touches throughout (look at that duvet and bedside lamp for example!)

Again, more brilliant illustration touches here!
"Grizzly Boy" by Barbara Davis-Pyles and Tracy Subisak is out now, published by Sasquatch Books (kindly supplied for review).