Thursday, 21 February 2019

"Paper World: Planet Earth" by Ruth Symons and Bomboland (Templar Publishing)

We love, love, LOVE Natural History books - particularly books that take a closer look at our planet, its wonders, its beauty, and just how fragile it is when it comes to natural and unnatural earth-shaking events.

"Paper World: Planet Earth" by Ruth Symons and Bomboland (that fantastic French illustrative collective) offer views of our amazing home planet from the inside out.

With innovative and artistic use of cut-outs and 'lift the flap' elements, this is a geography lesson like no other, as we take a deep dive beneath the oceans, or dig beneath the planet's surface to find out what bubbles at its core.

There are 30 flaps to lift, and lots of 'peep through' sections in each page spread to keep young minds completely engaged in the subject matter.

It's absolutely perfect for little ones who might want to learn a little more about earth, and how it came to be.

Let's take a look inside!

Falling in love with Volcanoes!
Bubbling lava and blasts of gas (sounds like an average day at ReadItDaddy Towers!)

Tites hang down, mites stick up!
Deep dark caves full of Stalactites and Stalagmites...

No, not for serving dinner on!
Earthquakes and tectonic plates!

Sum this book up in a sentence: Amazing stuff, beautifully described and illustrated, full of tons of ways to pique the curiosity of little ones everywhere!

"Paper World: Planet Earth" by Ruth Symons and Bomboland is out today, published by Templar Publishing (kindly supplied for review).