Monday, March 18, 2019

"Fanatical About Frogs" by Owen Davey (Flying Eye Books)

Here's a right ribbiting read that we're toadally in love with. Spawned from the fantastic creative mind of Owen Davey, let's take a dip in the deep dark pond of "Fanatical About Frogs".

Owen's natural history / nature books are a real treat, and we've enjoyed him enthusing about apes, going batty about beetles, and sizzling on about sharks.

But now it's the turn of one of our favourite amphibians. As a miscreant youth who used to raid a local farmer's pond for frog spawn, before bringing it home and watching those wriggling little cells develop first into tadpoles, and then into croaking frogs, I've always loved 'em and I'm glad to find that C loves them just as much too.

Owen takes a trip around the world to show us many of the fascinating species that dwell in just about every environment you can think of.

From poisonous brightly coloured frogs who nestle amongst the leaves in rain forests, to wrinkly warty jumpy little fellows that you can probably find in water sources and ponds near you.

Sum this book up in a sentence: With Owen's trademark beautiful and clean lined illustrations, and simple but informative text to keep little ones immersed in the subject, this is a real treat.

"Fanatical about Frogs" by Owen Davey is out now, published by Flying Eye Books (kindly supplied for review).