Tuesday, 12 March 2019

"The Perfect Sofa" by Fifi Kuo (Boxer Books)

We're actually genuinely surprised just how many children's books feature that most essential item of lounge furniture - the sofa. 

Perhaps it's because we spend far too much time with our bums comfortably parked on them that we all become mildly obsessed with finding the perfect one.

And that's how it is in "The Perfect Sofa" by Fifi Kuo.

Panda and Penguin are best pals - but they're in danger of severely falling out as their old sofa finally gives up the ghost. Worn out, not springy enough and full of holes, it's time to go sofa shopping!!

Penguin and Panda have very particular tastes when it comes to finding the perfect sofa. Most of the ones they find are too big, too small, too artsy.

But eventually they find their perfect sofa match! Can you guess what it looks like? Well we're obviously not going to spoil the end of the book for you so you'll just have to curl up on your own sofa with this one!

Fifi's playful illustrations and funny text will win little ones over with a superb little story and two hilarious characters too.

Sum this book up in a sentence: A fun romp and a neat little moral tale about appreciating what you've got, and respecting other people's points of view.

"The Perfect Sofa" by Fifi Kuo is out now, published by Boxer Books.