Monday, 22 April 2019

A trio of tempting titles for tenacious tiddlers from Templar Publishing

We do love bright and breezy board books and books designed specially for the teeniest tots. Templar Publishing have come up with a brace of corkingly good books to tempt your little ones away from endless episodes of Paw Patrol. Meet some altogether more fascinating creatures instead!

"Hello Mr Dinosaur" and "Hello Mrs Elephant" are new from Sam Boughton. Perfect little stories to introduce kids to a whole host of new creatures with awesome lift-the-flap bits to keep them fully engaged and happy.

Both books feature gorgeous splishy-splashy artwork and cute characters as we take a trip across the Savannah to meet lots of amazing animals, or take a trip back in time to the reign of the dinosaurs to see some of the biggest creatures that have ever stomped across our earth.

"Hello Mr Dinosaur" and "Hello Mrs Elephant" by Sam Boughton are both out now, published by Templar. 

Still on the subject of animals, there's also the range of utterly gorgeous Jane Foster books for even younger book fans.

"Jane Foster's Dinosaurs" is just one of the titles in a range including a truly diverse set of subjects, designed as board books with lots of friendly and colourful images to help the tiniest of tinies really get engrossed in each subject.

Other books in the range include "Dress Up" and "Pets" and even "Washington DC!" so there's truly something for everyone.

We love the mix of simple and beautifully designed illustrations and minimal text, the perfect range of 'first books' for babies and younger toddlers who will absolutely adore these to bits.

The "Jane Foster" books are out now, published by Templar. 

Last but not least is a scintillating little book from a megastar in children's publishing.

Emma Dodd's perfect bedtime story "What Matters Most" tackles topics of identity and acceptance, and asks the sort of questions that kids would ask themselves.

So what does matter most?

Is it being very big or being super-small?
Is it having lots of stuff or not that much at all?

Is it having lots of friends or only two or three?
Is it talking all the time or listening carefully?

Beautifully lilting text and gorgeous clear illustrations make this topic approachable and fun for little ones.

"What Matters Most" by Emma Dodd is out now, published by Templar. 

(All books kindly supplied for review).