Thursday, 4 April 2019

"Happy to be Me" by Emma Dodd (Orchard Books)

Out today, and full of positivity, energy and loads of fun, it's "Happy to be Me" by Emma Dodd.

If there's one thing that kids really enjoy above everything else, it's finding a picture book that they can really relate to and identify with, perhaps even find 'themselves' in.

We hear this again and again from authors and illustrators, who look to reflect the diversity and amazing individuality of kids in their books.

"Happy to be me" captures this perfectly in a ticklish funny rhyming book celebrating bodies of all kinds.

Emma Dodd, famous for her brilliant "I love My" series of books has come up with a really lovely heartfelt story for kids of all kinds, with a truly lovely pay-off at the end.

A fab book for building positivity, confidence and self-esteem.

"Happy to be me" by Emma Dodd is out today, published by Orchard Books (kindly supplied for review).